Our Services

Funeral and bereavement support
Due to the epidermic we believe that there will be a strain on resources and the demand for funeral arrangements with added pressure on the family and the funeral services currently provide so by having a coordinated approach and working with the Liverpool city council and all the partners the system for registration of death and burial will be important in order to overcome any challenges by effective coordination with the mosques, funeral directors, mersey care and Liverpool city council.

Business Support
Local businesses will be heavily impacted on during this stage of isolation and going forward due to the economical impact that this epidemic will have both locally, nationally and internationally. Therefore it is important that we provide all the support necessary to protect the small businesses that are in the heart of our community who not only provide a service but more importantly provide local employment and build a vibrant local economy. We will be providing an advisory services and a referral service to our partners like local council, Local business support organisations as well as national government support schemes through grants and loans.

Employability and benefits support
For those people who have lost their jobs it will be a difficult time and for some people it will be a big challenge to navigate the benefits system or find alternative jobs especially in this current climate. We will be helping individuals to navigate the benefits system and refer them to local support whether it is from Job centres or local council benefit maximisation.

Health advisory board
Due to the difficulties and challenges faced by our community historically, the NHS and health providers have been unable to close the gap of health inequality within our community and this epidermic will exacerbate the situation and will leave our community in a higher risk due to a number of factors such as literacy, lack of health awareness, bad diet, and multigenerational living together in one house. Another issue facing the community is false claims, fake news and incorrect health advice which is readily available on social media such as WhatsApp and Facebook which will have a negative impact on the messages from NHS England and public health agencies.

To combat and reduce the impact of the mentioned issues we have established a health advisory board which is made up of health professionals that we can rely on to support the group in translating vital information to make it accessible to the community in their own languages and on different media platforms such as YouTube videos and translated leaflets. We will also try to dispel any false and inaccurate information that is going around in the community through different platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook And a dedicated website which will be a one stop shop.

Supporting vulnerable/elderly and isolated individuals
The impact of isolation is felt by the most vulnerable members in the community. The impact on individuals is both on a mental health level and food poverty which are hard to tackle especially by community groups that are underfunded and lack the resources that is needed as they will be unable to sustain any support for long periods.

We have managed to get a list of over 400 vulnerable individuals in the community through the Mosques and community groups we are now setup with a volunteer base that contacts these individuals regularly to check up on them and provide them with different services such as food parcels, liaising with their GPs and getting them repeat medication then coordinating with their pharmacy to get them to deliver the medication and for those who do not qualify for free deliveries we would then organise  for someone to pick the medication up and deliver it to their homes.

For individuals that we support with food parcels we have two systems for those who can cook in their own home we would buy a £15 food parcel made up of vegetables, 5 kilos of rice, lamb, chicken, oil, and tins of beans (please see photo for example) this would last one individual around 5-days. We have agreed with the halal supermarket to deliver free of charge.

For individuals who are unable to cook we will offer them dry food and tinned food parcels which is delivered to them.

We are now in negotiation with kebabish on Lodge Lane and other restaurants/takeaways to provide a 3-day meal made of a curry and rice, salad and dipping sauce for a reduced price and we would order 3 meals per person and all they would need is just a microwave to heat the food.

We are also talking to spendwell on Lodge Lane and other local supermarkets to allow those who don’t have any financial issues who are self isolating to pay for shopping by telephone ordering and then the store will deliver to their homes for free.

We are able to extend our services to anybody who is in needs in any part of the city.