About Us

Together Against Coronavirus (TAC) is a coordinated and collaborative initiative delivered by Liverpool mosques and community organisations to meet the needs of the community during this pandemic. This approach will not only unite the efforts of the different organisations and mosques but also avoid the duplication, have a bigger and effective impact which will translate into a stronger safety net for the most vulnerable in our community.

The group is made up of the following mosques and communityorganisations.

  • ALRahma Mosque
  • Abdullah Quilliam Mosque
  • ALTiseer Mosque
  • Granby St Mosques
  • Penny Lane mosque
  • Liverpool Regional Mosque Network
  • Alghazali Centre
  • Bangladeshi community
  • Liverpool Arabic Centre
  • Liverpool Muslim App
  • Liverpool Muslim Outreach Society
  • Merseyside Somali Community Association
  • Merseyside Yemeni community Association
  • PAL Centre